We are a Company of Passionate Training and eLearning Designers and Developers Who are Invested in Helping Banks, Credit Unions, Small Businesses and Non-Profits to Grow and Prosper!

How we can help your business......

  1. We offer cost-effective training to help your staff to manage risks according to regulatory guidance and industry best practices.
  2. Our training programs are delivered online and can be securely accessed on computers, tablets and phones.
  3. We also offer access to our books, newsletters and webinars to assist with staff education and training. 


BRT offers books on risk management, accounting and internal auditing available through our publisher, LexisNexis Sheshunoff


BRT offers newsletters on bank security and internal auditing available through our publisher, LexisNexis A.S. Pratt


BRT develops timely webinars for banks, credit unions, small businesses and non-profits. Webinars are delivered through BankersWeb and FinancialOfficerWebAdvisor


BRT develops cost-effective training and elearning courses that are delivered online and available through computers, tablets and smart phones