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For any business to succeed, people must work together. Training provides a common ground for employees to understand what is expected of them and how they need to coordinate with others.  Think of training as a solution to a common problem – getting everyone on the same page.  Well trained employees understand how necessary and important their efforts are to achieving organizational success.  What are your gaps in training?  Let us know so we can help.​




For over 30 years we have written publications for bankers covering risk management, security, accounting, and internal audit topics.  Today, print manuals have been replaced by online access to content.  Newsletters are offered in print and online.  Our recent focus has been to repurpose much of our content into eLearning courses.  However, we are regularly adding content to our blogs here and at  We also plan to publish periodic reports on relevant topics.  We are always interested in what information would help your organization to better manage financial risks.  Please let us know what topics you would like to see.




People learn in different ways.  Some are visual learners and others learn by listening or reading.  We chose eLearning because this format can satisfy all learning styles.  We also have found that students prefer to learn at their own pace.  Our courses are offered through a learning management system (LMS), TamingRisk Academy, that can be found online at  Our courses focus on financial risk management topics for bankers, small businesses, and nonprofits.  




Some employees can perform their jobs using a well-developed mental checklist. Yet what happens when those employees move to other positions?  What if they were distracted one day and missed an important task?  What about training new employees?  Would a checklist help? Checklists are used throughout many organizations to manage processes and controls.  Good checklists can reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and possibly reduce operating costs.  We have partnered with an online process control company to offer our customers both predeveloped and custom checklists.  


We have trained thousands of bankers as well as small business and nonprofit financial managers with consistently high ratings.  Our mission is to help you to succeed by applying knowledge gained through our risk management publications, eLearning courses, and process management checklists.

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